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Taekwondo is a self-defence art that fosters a strong personality, skills, and beautiful body as part of human life that breathes, thinks, or moves. As the founder, I want to clarify Taekwondo's philosophy, fundamental principles, and purpose that each founder should keep and do his best to foster eternal humanization harmonized with virtue, power, and a beautiful body.


Through the scientific training of Taekwondo, the world should make a peaceful and livable paradise by constantly standing on the side of justice, protecting the weak, and enhancing ethics and morality.


To rescue humans from the fear and sadness of death and live forever, they must do their best to leave a lot of excellent skills and mental heritage for the growing new generation through constant technical polishing and mental training.


You should have a gentle, kind, and generous heart of heaven, and abandon the high and safe positions, and remain aloof in material desire and power to enlighten the poor who are deceived by the temporary and insignificant government posts given by humans. We should not compromise or shake principles because of individual interests.


By learning and teaching each other under the same methods and regulations, as well as men and women of all ages and social status, as well as thoughts, religion, race, or borders, one can achieve comradeship like one's own brothers and everyone's equality in front of the creator.


The present society, characterized by science or materialism, forces humans to have extreme selfishness and more dependence on civilization than necessary, and especially young people are confused in fear and decadent trends without predicting tomorrow. To overcome this, essential mental education in a moral society, including strict discipline, the spirit of sacrifice, mutual aid, and dedication, must be strengthened.


Those who have a conscience as leaders and care for humanity are generous to the weak and strong, so they should develop a habit of loving juniors and respecting teachers to eliminate evil elements such as flattery, secretary, or betrayal. In conclusion, everything starts half and always works, so if you fix and practice it one by one whenever you think of it without setting a time, your name will shine to the small world even if your body dies.

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