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Silk Street two received shut down and operator "Defcon" arr…

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작성자 Flossie 작성일 22-08-14 04:13 조회 8,451회 댓글 0건


Currently is a sad working day for anyone making use of the onionland.

Silk Street 2 just obtained shut down and the proprietor "Defcon", serious title Blake Benthall, acquired arrested.

Some crucial details:

– Blake Benthall aka Defcon was the operator of SR2 since december 2013, when the SR2’s Dread Pirate Roberts (Not Ross Ulbricht) still left SR2.

– The FBI discovered out the actual physical locale of the SR2 server, by still unidentified usually means, and experienced law enforcement in some other nation make a mirror of the SR2 server.

– Blake was leasing the server making use of his own identify, with his individual personal electronic mail account.

– FBI observed evidence that he cashed out above $200k us working with exchanges and pre-requested a Tesla S for $140k us, all working with that identical electronic mail.

– When he was less than surveillance, Blake generally left his property or resort at the exact time Defcon logged off the SR2 message boards.

If you loved this article and you simply would like to get more info regarding hidden wiki nicely visit the webpage. – He was making use of some uncommon Browser / OS combo which they uncovered on his laptop computer and logfiles on SR2 were exhibiting that Defcon was employing just that combo.

Appears to be like the SR2 operator was not only not as poethic as Ross Ulbricht (SR1 Proprietor) but also alot less clever, they had alot far more tricky law enforcement work to do to locate Ross about a calendar year in the past.

The only seriously interessting point about this news imho is, how did they obtain the server?

And who will open SR3 or will the Silk Highway brand just vanish with no new Dread Pirate Roberts in seight?


Appears to be like like this could be a massive procedure with Many arrests all about the entire world.

The next web sites look to be verified as seized also:


Cloud 9

whilst Pandora, BlueSky and Alpaca are also down.


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